We as Nela Textile are a fine woven garment producer placed in Istanbul.
Our client portfolio is based on European clients with high quality expectations.
We are specialized in high quality garments, very special finishings, certain exceptionally styles.
Our products are prepared with an intense care of quality
which is the key function of our company and the most important
point why our clients are choosing to work with us.
This characteristic feature allows us to serve our current client base.
Our mission is to constantly improve a dinamic and leading service system
based on international standarts as well as to
keep our product quality over the customer expectations,
Our company operates in Istanbul on a 4000 square meter area and also
has a second production facility in Cankiri which is close to our capital city of Ankara.
We are ready to give a top service to ourclients, thanks to our product quality, fashion understanding and technical knowledge.